Group Exhibition: It’s Time to Reduce the Backlog

A Curated Group Exhibition
Curated by Jingru Li and Leo Yuan
Feb. 28th - Mar. 14th, 2021


LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to present this group exhibition of work by 30 young contemporary artists. Exhibition: IT'S TIME TO REDUCE THE BACKLOG! Curated by Jingru Li and Leo Yuan, both in gallery and online, more than 20 pieces artwork selected from hundreds of applications will be on view till 14th of March, 2021.




Huanzhe Hu

Ruminate, 2020

Site-specific Installation 

documented via video

Yinglin Zhou

Square Deception, 2020

4K Video


Yuxiao Ran

你在床上看风景, 2019


Sizuo Chen

Memes, 2020



Tinwai Wong 

Score, 2021

Framed printed paper


Yuqing Lin 

She is lost control, 2020

Mix media Installation



Cong Yu

Fugue 赋格, 2020





Tiantian Ma

Submergin, 2020




Frame, 2020





Yue Liu

400 discarded objects, 2020




Jingyan Weng 

Dinner Is Ready, 2020

Video with sound



 Alexander Si

Unboxing, 2020

Single-channel video





Zhenfei Sun

摸着石头过河, 2021



Ellen Bjerborn

Like4Like, 2020


 Mengyao Zhang

Heart Signal, 2020




Yangcheng Guo

Longing Extinction, 2020


Feiyang Zhang

Under Water, 2020




The idea for this exhibition originated from Latitude’s wish to provide a platform for those who had continued to work and create art in an unusual and trying time. The works exhibited are selected from an open call which received more than a hundred submissions. The selection reflected the curatorial team’s aim to survey the landscape of contemporary art made by young, emerging artists, whose practices take on a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, performance and textiles.

Not only conversant in a multitude of artistic vocabularies, the artists presented are also well immersed in a variety of cultural influences. The majority of artists in the show received their art education partially or entirely in the US while also having a cultural background in Asian countries. As such, the works selected draw on both Western and Eastern artistic practices and philosophical traditions, and comment on issues both local and transnational.

Building on an expansive network of diasporic Asian artists, this exhibition, as well as Latitude Gallery as a project, operates at the intersection of various cultural influences.

The recent events in America and on the global stage prompted a renewed feeling of importance in negotiating a sense of identity, which might not necessarily be the subject of the works exhibited, but is reflected in their fluid aesthetic sensibilities and hybrid conceptual strategies.