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Who’s Looking Back in the Mirror

Deadline 6/15/2019 (TBD)

Who is looking back at us inside the mirror is the most terrifying question. In spite of spending the most time with ourselves, we only see ourselves the way we see others through a mirror. When we stare continuously in the mirrored self, we are also greeted by the gaze coming within the mirror. Perhaps we have all become a little insane because of the indefinite lockdown during the COVID 19 outbreak. Every day we look into the mirror a little longer to reflect and come to terms with ourselves, but it quickly spirals down, through which it created a warped and confusing version of reality. Who is she/he/them in the mirror? 

What a strange moment — we see the split of our body and mind! Yet, it is also the banalest moment. Who we see in the mirror hasn’t always been static and is perpetually changing. It has been a significant journey we all go through — the development of self-awareness. As humans, we are able to recognize our own reflection in the mirror at about 18 months old. Not every species understands the mirrored self. In the primitive stage, what happens in the mirror, stays in the mirror. The entity looking at the mirror is completely self-oblivious. Cats, with improved awareness, react to the self and can differentiate the self from the surrounding environment, but is not cognizant of the mirrored self.

Sometimes we may wish to be a cat. Because it is the eeriest and uncanniest, when we reach a heightened self-awareness by look long enough in the mirror, the notion of the self starts to dissolve and becomes others. If the solution at this point is to walk away from the mirror and go back to scroll on the phone, tablet, or laptop, we will be looking at many more reflections of people through the screen. And what will we be left with after we turn them off? The ultimate black mirror. Who is looking back from the black mirror and what you see through are questions that terrify us. Or does it cheer us up? Is it the last safe haven we have?


1- CV

2- Artist bio (300 words)

3- Artist statement (500 words)

4- Images or videos of at up to 5 complete works

5- Description of no more 100 words for each work

Application fee: $10 via Venmo @latitudegallery-ny, please attach your application name.

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