#002 Open Call: 待办事项/ It's time to reduce the backlog!

Seldom in history had one event been the defining moment for the majority of people on this planet. Out of the initial reactions of shock and disbelief emerged an overarching narrative that is now accepted as the general account of the past year, one of tragedy and heroism, heartbreaks and strength, schism and unity. 

However, to say that such narratives tell the whole story would run the risk of oversimplification and deprive us of a more nuanced response to what happened, which depends on a perhaps less definitive, more complex, and ultimately more enriching perspective. An artistic perspective. In this sense, the stories are yet to be completed, and we have much to do, to think, to feel, and to make sense of. The curators at Latitude Gallery invite fellow young artists to take this opportunity to reflect on recent history, to form a response to the questions that the past year had thrown at you, to explore different narratives other than the ones that dominated the news, and to find some meaning out of a year that has so far defied interpretation. 

LATITUDE Gallery New York is welcoming artists to present their works in both of our online platform and on-site gallery space.  Exhibition will be curated by our curator Jingru Li and Leo Yuan. This project aims to provide a cross-dimensions platform for contemporary artists from around the globe to present their works and receive extensive international exposure during Covid or Post-Covid era.

All mediums are welcomed. 


Deadline: 02/14/2021

Exhibition On View: 02/28/2021 -03/14/2021


Submission Guidelines:


1. All medium are welcomed,2d work should not  exceed 100cm*100cm;3d work should not exceed 70cm*70cm*70cm,all submitted artworks should be relevent to our exhibition theme.

2. Submission should include: 

-3-5 images of your works, resolution in 300dpi、size no smaller than 3mb

-Name the images: "name of work_number the image" (example: "arttitle_01")

-Description of your works, including title, year, size, technique, price

-Artist's cv and bio (no more than 150 words)

-Artist profile picture

3. PLEASE compress documents from above in a ".zip" profile then email to curators.latitudegallery@gmail.com, entitled "full name of artist_name of work_LATITUDE” (example: "Johndoe_worktitle_LATITUDE ")

4. Submission fee $10/ ¥80, please submit your fee via Venmo

@latitudegallery-ny for US artists and for Chinese artists via link here,then attach your payment screenshot in your application.

5. Selected artists are responsible for delivery and pick-up of work, and any associated cost. If works are shipped, artists must include a prepaid return shipping label. International shipments need to be sure to be delivered before exhibition opening. We also held an online exhibition for the artworks that are not able to ship.

6. Our online platform will together provide selected artists e-commerce services for artworks' selling.





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