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LATITUDE Gallery is excited to announce a curatorial partnership with interdisciplinary studio and art book store 3standardstoppage. Starting in November 2020, each L@exhibition will be accompanied by selected books and mixed media publications on display (and for purchase) in our gallery space. For the first installment, Jiaoyang Li's [visual poetry/something like that?] inspired a varied set of publications including works by Ren Hang (BHKM), Will Holder/Alex Waterman (New Documents), Femke de Vries (Onomatopee) and Allan Sekula (MACK) among others. 


3standardstoppage studio is an interdisciplinary studio launched in 2016 in San Francisco by Shisi Huang, Xiao Yong and Nanxi Zhou, three Studio Arts MFA graduates from San Francisco Art Institute, who focus on installation arts, photography and film. As a diversified curated platform for artists, designers and life lovers, the three endeavor to redefine retail concepts, creating unique crossover collaborations among art, design, publication and fashion.

The spirit is derived from Marcel Duchamp’s art work, 3 Standard Stoppages (1913-1914), in which three randomly shaped threads were made as variable demonstrations for the measurement of one meter in compare with the standard ruler, as an intellectual construct rather than a universal absolute. 

3standardstoppage adopts it to break through from existing methodology on fashion and create a distinctive perception by offering a unique mixture of products.

In addition to featuring a pluralistic selection of emerging new talents, 3standardstoppage has been working closely with artists, book publishers, designers, musicians and creative intellectuals worldwide, both online and in brick-and-mortar spaces. In combination with self-publishing both zines and books, pushing the boundaries between fine art, design and fashion like no other.

The previous address is 444 Union St, San Francisco. Our Beijing store POSTPOST Space opened in April.2019 at Yangrou Hutong, No.58, Beijing, China. Our New York store opened in Nov.2019 at 82 E 3rd St, New York, USA.

3standardstoppage New York 
82 E 3rd St, SE
New York, New York
Tue - Sat  11am - 8pm
Sun 11am - 6pm
( Mon off )