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YUNKYOUNG CHO: Encounter the Insensible
A Curated Solo Exhibition
curated by Minwen Wang
Feb. 2nd - Feb13th, 2021
(For immediate release)
















Opening Reception: Feb 5th, 2021, 6 pm - 9 pm

Location: 174 Roebling St., 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Tue. - Sat. 11 am- 5 pm, Sunday 12 am - 5 pm, by appointment only. 

Artist: Yunkyoung Cho

Curator: Minwen Wang


LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to present exhibition of work by Artist Yunkyoung Cho. Exhibition: Encounter the Insensible. Curated by Minwen Wang, Artist Yun Kyoung Cho’s recent body of work will be on view till 13th of February, 2021.


For many people, life has been heavily disrupted since the last year. The sudden changes of plans brought huge pressure, not to mention, people also have to face a disturbing amount of chaos. It is more necessary than ever for people to have a deep conversation with themselves, resting a bit, at a peaceful space.




Curated by Minwen Wang and presented by Latitude gallery, Encounter the Insensible is a solo exhibition by Maryland-based Korean fiber artist YunKyoung Cho. It is the first public showing of Cho’s new textile and sculptural works from Aura series.


与不可感知相遇是关于马里兰纤维艺术家YunKyoung Cho的个人展览,由策展人王敏雯和Latitude画廊一同呈现。这是对Cho新的纺织和雕塑系列作品 – “Aura”的首次公开展示。


Aura, an invisible emanating energy field, can be seen as both an objective characteristic and the subjective experience according to Walter Benjamin’s definition. Cho pays attention to the philosophical discussion of objective reality versus appearance within different subjective perceptions. As people value things differently, Cho believes that all the elements from symbols to ideas and to the purpose of life, are also shown differently in the form of an individual’s aura.


Aura, 意思贴近中文里的或者,是肉眼不可见的发散性能量场域。哲学家Walter Benjamin曾定义它既有客观存在的特质,同时也是一种主观体验。Cho对关于Aura内在客观性和外在主观感知的哲学讨论非常感兴趣。她相信,一切元素,从符号到想法再到人生目的,都会在一个人的aura里呈现出不同的姿态。


The exhibition stages Cho’s own aura in physical art forms. The artworks tell Cho’s stories and show the journey of self-discovery. The crises we are having right now also slow down our paces, leaving time for us to know better about our inner worlds, to have a glimpse of our aura, to feel the composition of it. By doing that, we would know what to feed our souls, and thus grow power out of it.


在这次展览中, Cho通过具像化的艺术形态展现自己的aura。她的作品讲述着属于她的故事和自我发现之旅。那些我们正在经历的危机,迫使我们的脚步放慢。这给予了我们时间去更好地了解我们的内心世界,去得以窥探我们的aura并感受它是由什么组成。这一过程,将会让我们更加了解如何去给予灵魂合适的食物,从而由内而外的获得力量。


Every encounter happens in the space has its unique meaning in the context of aura. The artist welcomes the audience to fully explore the space, to touch the work, and to feel the textures and the vibrations. The artist believes the audience’s engagement will generate the new presence of the works’ aura during the shared time and space.

























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