TINWAI WONG: What to say, How to say, Where to begin

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Opening Reception: Jul. 19th, 2020, pm- 9 pm
Location: 174 Roebling St., 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Hours: Tue.-Sat. 11am- 6pm, Sunday 12 am- 5pm, by appointment only.
Curator: Shihui Zhou


LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to present What to say, How to say, Where to begin, the first solo exhibition of multimedia artist Tin Wai Wong at our gallery. Wong’s art practice includes performance, sound art, videos, installations, and paintings. This exhibition features 4 of Wong’s most recent work. Visitors to the gallery are invited to begin exploring Wong’s sound installation MAMA from the outside of the LATITUDE Gallery. 6 mini speakers are mounted on the outside wall of the gallery, playing 6 different sound recordings (from artist’s performance starting at 2019 Dec 3rd) at the same time. Then enter the gallery, following a documentation video of her performance: What to say, how to say, where to begin. Here’s a quote from Wong: “In extreme hunger, the artist’s stomach spoke for their strengthless mouth. 极度饥饿中,艺术家的胃袋代替艺术家无力发声的嘴。” On the opposite side of the gallery, Salty water, a video piece of a bag of salt dissolving in the washing machine is projecting on the wall.  Last but not least, in the back of the gallery, Wong installed a site-specific plexiglass installation exploring a Wikipedia definition for space. Artist divided the definition of space on Wikipedia into three groups: 1.words with a spatial concept, 2.words without spatial concept, 3.words links the first two together. 3 Groups are placed in the XYZ three-dimensional order according to the sentence in order to create a new space divided by the concept of space. By throwing away the perspective “I,” the tiny dust that rolls between fingers become gigantic, cake grows endlessly layer by layer––I make the concept of the concept. Tin Wai’s work is not bound by singular attention, but more as the feedback she gets as an individual colliding with the world. Wong perceives reality through symbols, as concepts, but for them to be perceived they need to physically exist. Therefore she has struggled with this tension between her own consciousness and external materiality. It is an indispensable action to collect the tension and present them as what it is as her art. Instead of using art as an expressive medium, art is the only language that’s been used in the world of how Wong perceives reality. Therefore, Wong's study can be described as a residue of her existence in the tangible world. She is drawn to those ubiquitous phenomena that others are used to, the intersubjectivity between matters. For example, Wong said “when a subway roar passes in front of me, I sense a physical distortion of “me” along with the surrounding air, then slowly come to peace after bouncing like crazy all over the station.”

Artist Bio

Tin Wai Wong is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Wong's practice focuses mainly on semiotics and linguistics. She explores the gap created during translation, transcription, communication, and definitions. How it influences the interaction between beings or one to oneself. Wong is a current graduate student in Bard college, Film/Video discipline, her work has been shown in many countries across the world with the purpose of raising consciousness in language among viewers.