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LISTY GAO: Light Chaser

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Artist: Listy Gao

Opening Reception: Mar. 19th, 2022, 3 pm - 7 pm

Location: 64A Bayard Street, New York NY 10013

Hours: Tue. - Sat. 12 pm- 5 pm, Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm


LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to present Light Chaser, a solo exhibition of Chinese designer/ artist Listy Gao‘s art exploration of works since 2019. The exhibition,will include a range of new paintings and mixed-media pieces that explore themes of feminism, identity, and belongingness.


Listy Gao is an America-based artist. Born and raised in China, she is currently studying Design at the University of Southern California. This exhibition is the extending series of the solo exhibition shown at Today Art Museum. As a designer, She was touched by many female artists from various professional and cultural backgrounds at school. Some came from scientific and technological fields where men are exclusively dominant, and some came from culturally conservative societies. These women who have achieved great success in their professions did not spend time on complacency but rather devoted themselves to encouraging and cultivating younger women. Their practices are like lights illuminating people, and that struck her so much to make a series of artworks- “Light Chaser” for it. 


“Light Chaser” allows users to hold it in their hands like a cube-like lantern and becomes brighter as they run faster; A symbol she designed to encourage women to pursue self-realization. This project was her first attempt to combine design, music, and art. However, receiving good reviews from audiences and peers did not cover up a strong sense of worry that it lacked something. Indeed, the interactivity of the“Light Chaser” allows it can be well presented in combination with performance art in an exhibition. But can simply being recognized at exhibitions make a tangible difference to the lives and experiences of women at large? She realized to make it more engaging and practical for broader audiences, a mass consumption product would be a way out. 


A project is budding up in her mind: to develop the work further. First, she planned to add a new function to “Light Chaser” that when a user runs with it, other “Light Chasers” within a certain range will sense it, and the cube-like lantern will light themselves up. Furthermore, the device will also be linked to an app she plans to develop later. The app aims to encourage women of varying ages from different regions to connect and create online and offline communities to better promote and support local women’s development. 


She created The Light Chaser in 2019, an interaction installation utilizing Arduino, a gyroscope sensor, and a bulb. The light persists and remains bright only when the device holder is running. Intentionally, the work metaphorically reflects the gaze and discipline women were subjected to in this patriarchal society and encouraged women to resist. She also shot a short video where she held the light in her palms and kept running at night, hoping to provide audiences with a more immersive sense of the bravery and resilience of women pursuing the light on their journey. 


The creation process of The Light Chaser itself enlights her, pushing her to think forward about what possible social changes she can bring to the world through her creation. To her, artists’ responsibility is more than presenting their social observations. Instead, artists need to be proactive social activists. She hopes that her work can reach more audiences, address the structural problems of the entire social system behind gender issues, and perhaps offer possible solutions.


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