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Opening Reception: Nov. 16th, 2020, 6 pm - 9 pm

Closing Reception: Nov. 26th, 2020, 5pm - 8pm

Location: 174 Roebling St., 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Tue. - Sat. 11 am- 5 pm, Sunday 12 am - 5 pm, by appointment only. 

Artist: Jiaoyang Li

Curator: Shihui Zhou

LATITUDE Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition of work by Artist Jiaoyang Li. Exhibition S(ilk)-E-S-T-I-N-A, curated by Shihui Zhou, Artist Jiaoyang Li’s 6 recent works will be on view till 26th of November, 2020.


The I-Ching noted, when knots are tied, stories are then told. 2020: this number itself represents some terrifying threads and loops. The world is torn apart due to the pandemic and the US election, immigrants especially Chinese have to live under the constantly changing and triggering policies every single day. Tied with split values and 'Truths' in mass media both in China and the US, our moral sense is constantly challenged by political lies. What we see and what we hear, are often woven narratives. In Chinese, the measuring word for “thought” is “silk”.


In the video installations, a woman was reciting and learning English words with Webster’s dictionary, but the pages in her hands were torn to pieces. A teacup found in the second-hand store is slowly pouring out red thread into a labyrinth. Clothes left by a gay friend who was forced to return to China, glitter as a lighthouse jellyfish at night... all of which represent my restless and relentless questioning of how to cope with the reality we now live in, and how we can survive in this fragile time. Will there be a rope from the future coming to save us from the well of history? An umbilical cord,  an earphone cable or a blasting fuse?


History rhymes and winds as a sestina, an Italian poetic form I was privileged to learn and to write in poetry school in the United States  This somehow ironically echoes the luxury brands labeled as Made in Italy that are often produced by Chinese immigrants smuggled into Europe... Fabrics, language, weaving threads, they are the epitome of capitalist globalization. S(ilk)-E-S-T-I-N-A is a collection of work attempting to record how we normal people, some modern Penelopes, are (un)stitching the pearls of uncertainty and using tiny needles to battle with the nothingness, hopefully, to regain our own narrative.



Jiaoyang Li is a poet and multimedia artist based in New York City. Having graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London and New York University with a poetry-focused BA and MFA in Creative Writing, she also researched Devising Theatre and Choreography at London International School of Performance Art in Berlin, and Interactive media and design at Tisch ITP Department. Apart from page-based writing, she also extends her literary practice into textile sculpture, interactive/audiovisual/ VR installations, site-specific performances, public interventions or collaborative projects and more. Her work raises questions about Anthropocene, internet surveillance, gender fluidity, family memories and diaspora experiences related to silk, fabric, and clothing. She sees the world as a long drape with countless folds and patches. Most of her work is made of found objects, language, and image, hoping to weave the uncertainty of this dystopian time into a new narrative. In 2020, Li Jiaoyang was selected into the New York Art Foundation's Immigration Artist Mentoring Program. Her work has been exhibited at the New York Live Art Center, the Immigration Artist biennial,  Performa Biennial, Artyard Center, Milan Modern Art Center, Milan A60 Art Space, Los Angeles Design Festival and more. Her literary work has been featured by Los Angeles Book Review, Chinese News Magzine, Beijing Contemporary Art Center, and elsewhere.



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